Shake What Your Mama Gave You (and find a mentor)

A while ago, I wrote an article on how to find a mentor.  In it I detailed various ways I created value for those I wanted to work with as a mentee.  Basically, I took a differentiating quality I possessed and and leveraged it.  This, for me, was writing.  I wrote for photographers when they couldn't find the right words and, in exchange, they helped me understand my camera (and business) better.
I encourage you to make a list of things that you can do as a value to others (copywriting, finances, graphic design, lawn care {no, really, I know of this guy who traded his experience as a landscape architect for photography lessons!}, or hundreds of others things) you're uniquely qualified to share.
Last week my mentor, James Wedmore, hosted an event for his Business By Design members and though I didn't have much value to give, I attended with my unique value proposition in hand: my camera.
I was able to learn from him and, in return, I captured photos he can use for promotional purposes, if he wants.  We ALL have something special to share, so give unto others and good always comes back to you in unexpected ways to empower your business.