Shooting Star : Copy Cats + Profit Centers

Yesterday I parked myself on the couch and read. It was Sunday, which meant guilt-free indulgence in…well…everything. While JD watched a documentary about impeding doom from South African bees or mating orcas, I slipped my toes against the crevice of his back and fell into reading. On a commercial break, I grabbed the remote and flipped through channels. I randomly came across a promo for My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Then I died and went to Heaven. I mean, mixing gypsies and weddings?! Midriffs, neon lights sewn in gowns, and four-foot tiaras?! SIGN ME UP.

JD groaned from the couch and forever banned me from the remote control. I'll leave him with the mammals and primates…and keep my reality shows. And really thick books. Because, occasionally, I like to pretend I'm smart. In light of feigned intellect, it's time for another installment of Shooting Star.

In this video, I'll be discussing…
*Copy cats.
*Viewing business costs as profit centers.
*And please don't ask my my shirt is THAT wrinkled…looks like I was rolling around in a cardboard box all day.

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