Shooting Star : How I Use Social Media


So a strange thing happened a couple weeks ago…and I hope it’d go away, but no such luck. Late one evening, JD flipped through television channels and happened upon a reality show called Swamp People. Basically, it chronicles the lives and trials of alligator hunters, missing teeth and all. And lemme tell you something: it’s awesome. In a unique kinda of way.

I’m a huge fan of all things reality television (just writing this makes me wanna rub my head against my college diploma to ensure I’m not that stupid), but this new show takes things to a whole new level. I’s just…I never knew people lived like that. I’m truly a city girl. When JD offered to change the channel, I covered the remote with my right hand. Jay Paul was teaching me the merits of shake-n-bake bait.

Yes, I just wrote that. WHERE’S MY DIPLOMA?!

In other news, thanks for the feedback regarding the Shooting Star and FAQ Posts…I’ve decided to alternate between video and written word for a nice balance. And I hate making decisions so this seemed very Paul Abdul-ish of me.

This week’s installment of Shooting Star will cover:
*My approach to social media.
*How I balance using social media and work.
*When I use social media.
*My Top Five Tips for social media. I love the number five.

I’ll be talking about Branding and Social Media in Akron, Ohio next week, so if you’d like to join me, I’d love to see you there!

Happy Thursday!