Shooting Star : How to Get Likes on Facebook

Sometimes my patience wears so thin it's translucent. It's almost as if I expect people who are close to me to read my mind and when they don't, I want to chew on coconut rinds. I heard coconut was good for your teeth, but I think it'd be better used as a way to express how frustrated one might be. Gnawing on brown, hairy fruit might give juuuust the right impression of all my toughness. Or my healthy gums.

Note to self: Don't write blog posts after someone hasn't read your mind.

In other news, I received a question from a reader (Hi, Ashley!) who asked how to get more Likes and interaction on Facebook. I'll be the first to say I'm not an expert on the matter, but I'd be honored to give my opinion. Facebook has been a game-changer for my wedding photography and I'd be happy to share how I approach it. This video will focus on…
*Why I don't sync Twitter and Facebook updates.
*The importance of sharing more personal updates than business updates.
*Why the more you talk about your business from your page, the less people will listen.
*How I get clients to Like my business page…without even asking!

I hope this video helps a few people, but if I missed the mark, feel free to chew on coconut rinds and I'll know I need to try again.

Happy Wednesday!