Shooting Star : Photographing Groom Prep

That one was too long. Yup, you did it again…too long. Maybe you're just talking more than usual, JD said as he adjusted the camera yesterday. My goal is to keep Shooting Star videos around four minutes, but–apparently–I had a lot to say. Or I was extra nervous. Or maybe I need to speak faster. Just kidding, we all know I speak fast enough to be a part-time auctioneer, but I'm looking for an excuse here, Internet.

This week's installment of Shooting Star focuses on photographing Groom Prepration Photos on a Wedding Day, a continuation from bridal preparation photos. Here I'll explain the priliminary outline I provided to JD on how to shoot the guys while they dressed in five simple steps:
1. Knock on door and Introduce yourself to the groom as the assistant photographer to “X” and proper introductory protocol.
2. Introduce yourself to every person on the room.
3. Give permission to relax and be comfortable.
4. Fiddle/tinker with your camera bag as a distraction to create space for comfortability.
5. How to Photograph Groom Details
    a. Styling
    b. Prep
    c. Lifestyle

I also answered the following questions proffered from Facebook and Twitter (as well as answered popular questions in the video itself)…
“Do you have advice on how to coach the Groom for the “first look” photo?”
“How about posing a Groom who doesn't feel comfortable with posing?”
“How do you work in messy environments when photographing a Groom getting ready?”
“New ways to set up boys? I always end up with the same stuff.. Boys stump me”

Like always, I don't talk fast…you listen slow. Zing! I hope this offered a tiny bit of light into how I work and if it helps one person, I'm happy.