Shooting Star : Posing Behind the Scenes

I'm sure it's no surprise, but I really didn't keep up with football this year. I know, I know…I'm sure I strike you as John Madden Junior, but throwing a ball, running, and smashing into someone else just isn't my thing. However, I played on a flag football team in college (Go Bulldogs!) and I was pretty intimidating. I can snarl and talk trash about yo mama like a legit linesman. Honest. I watched the Super Bowl yesterday and enjoyed a great game, although Half Time was my favorite part…duh. Can we please give it up for Madonna? Dear sweetbabyjesus, can I please look that good when I'm 52?!

Moving onto other things photography related, last week I photographed my best friend and JD decided to shoot behind-the-scenes video of me shooting. I have to admit watching the footage was painful (I'm much cooler in my mind), but I thought it'd make a different type of Shooting Star. These videos usually offer insight, but this one will offer a sneak peek into how I work.

Sidenote: The audio isn't that great. I should repeat that last part because I'm sure someone will USE CAP LOCKS on YouTube and tell me to use a wireless mic. Internet, I wasn't planning on the video…JD isn't a videographer…and it was windy. I get it. If we decide to put something like this together in the future we'll–of course–approach it differently, but I'm okay with our ghetto fab attempt for now.

If you disagree, I'll talk trash about yo mama.

In this installment of Shooting Star, I'll discuss Posing, but, more specifically…
*getting a subject warmed up at the beginning of a photo shoot with simple tips on how to position the body and arms.
*using a story to convey an idea or way I'd like to see the subject posed.
*talking and coaching from behind the camera to ensure the subject feels confident.

Happy Monday!