Shooting Star : The Importance of Being YOU

Okay, so remember that accident I had a few weeks ago? It's been 35 days…NOT LIKE I'M COUNTING. I'm only certain because I still–still!–don't have my car back from repairs. I can't express how frustrating sharing a car is (primarily because JD likes to tuck random papers and receipts in the center console…and this type of disorganization drives me cr-uh-azy), but the shock of sharing a car with a spouse pales in comparison to the shock I had when JD told me our neighbor came over to ask how I was doing since the accident.

You know, the neighbor who practically caused the accident, then DROVE AWAY without seeing if, oh, say, I WAS ALIVE. Today, I'm loving cap locks. Loving them.

When JD recounted the story I got all nervous and asked him to repeat everything in greater detail. Did he ask if I was still breathing when you rescued me?!…Did he ask if I was paralyzed?!…Did he say I was having a great hair day?!

JD stared at my blankly and decided it was probably too much effort to answer the questions and simply chalked it up as me being me. Duh. Crazy and non-sensical me. And I suppose I'm okay with this notion…furthermore, I encourage others to be themselves, too. Even with their idiosyncrasies…which leads me to another installment of Shooting Star. This episode addresses the importance of being YOU. Yes, I've said it many times before, but here I'll be covering…
*Creating cohesion across online representation (website, blog, and social media outlets) to showcase who you are.
*Creating a distinct client profile.
*How to build trust online.

Happy Wednesday!