3 Ways to Take a Social Media Break

You know that moment when you realize you’re so OVERWHELMED by social media?  

With posts, Reels, Stories, constant platform glitches, and feature additions and changes (I’m looking at you Instagram!), how do some people make it look easy? 

Does all of it make you want to duck your head in the sand like an ostrich? Been there and done that, friend. (Way too many times than I’d like to admit!)

But the truth remains that overwhelm is a choice. It’s a decision we consciously make… 

3 Ways to Take a Social Media Break

How can we avoid social media overwhelm and burnout?  

You need a plan, sure… In fact, that’s what my team and I provide inside Social Curator.

Every month you could receive:

  • 30 Caption Templates per month (so you know precisely what to say)
  • 5 Instagram Story Templates per month (to make it easier for you to show up)
  • A Gallery of 5,000+ Lifestyle Photos (so you always have scroll-stopping photos)
  • Daily bite-sized Actions (to boost your engagement on social media)
  • Reel resources and ideas  
  • A monthly Marketing Action Plan (to educate you on various social media topics)

All of this and more reduces your frustration and overwhelm but a part of your plan needs to also include taking a break. 

Yup. You heard me right. Even Hustlers need to take a break. Intentionally slowing down will enable you to be more efficient and productive in the long run. 

Okay. You know you need to take a break, but how do you logistically maintain consistency for your business and take a break from social media? GREAT question! 

Here are three easy ways you can take intentional breaks from social media that won’t negatively impact your business. 

1. Create a social media schedule. 

Your time is too valuable to be spent endlessly scrolling and creating on social media, it’s also harmful to your mental health unless you maintain healthy boundaries. 

An easy approach is simply scheduling time for your time spent on social media and sticking to it. Now, I get it. That’s easier said than done… especially when notifications on your phone keep distracting and pulling you back into the social media rabbit hole. This brings me to the next step…

2. Turn off notifications. 

When your phone beeps, buzzes or lights up notifying you, it can easily give you a false sense of urgency. Turn off your notifications, and check back in during the time you scheduled.

This helps you block social media from interrupting and distracting you outside of the time you’ve allotted. 

3. Set time limits for yourself. 

When you do get back to your ‘normally scheduled social media programing’ set a timer! Get in, do the work, and get out when your time is up. This helps you avoid the endless scroll.  

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