3 Ways to Source Inspiration

Don’t you hate when you can’t think of anything good to post on social media?!  

  • You know you need to post to market your business,
  • You know the key to growth is consistency,
  • But sometimes the ideas just don’t flow. 

Believe me when I say you are not alone.

I’ve been there, but thankfully I’ve gotten better at handling these ‘writer’s block’ moments by sourcing inspiration from a few different places, and I’d love to let you in on my secrets!

3 Ways To Source Inspiration

1. Answer Frequently Asked Questions 

My favorite way to source inspiration is from frequently asked questions.

Chances are your audience is telling you exactly what they want to see from you. Isn’t that amazing? The questions they ask can and should guide what you produce.

The answers to these questions are the perfect framework for your next piece of content.  

For example, I get a lot of questions about social media updates: 

  • Are hashtags still a thing? 
  • Will video take over all photos?
  • How do you get other people to share your posts?

Instead of responding to an onslaught of messages with quick, surface level answers, I make pieces of content that offer deep and robust insights. Then I can point back to these posts in conversations.

Once I start brainstorming questions I know my ideal client has, I have a perfect starting place for creating content! 

And the best part is this: by answering questions you know are popular, you’re creating a piece of content that is sure to be successful, generate engagement, and build trust with those you serve!

>>What if no one is asking questions yet? No problem! Respond to questions you *wish* you were asked.<<

In fact, this also helps to position you as a thought-leader and someone who provides value to others.  

2. Bust Some Myths

Another way I get inspired when I’m at a loss for words is by thinking of myths I can bust in my industry. 

Anyone who isn’t absorbed in your work will inevitably have opinions about what it is you do. These can be positive or negative, or even down right wrong.

These negative assumptions and opinions are what we like to call “objections,” or reasons why someone may not purchase what you sell. Overcoming objections is a *huge* part of selling your product or service (whether you like it or not).

Your potential client’s objections are likely due to misconceptions they have about what it is you do.

Taking a moment to establish a framework of proper education will only help you sell your product or service more successfully down the line!

3. Keep A Running List

Over time, I’ve gathered a list of 20 content ideas to refer to whenever I get stuck, and the best part is they work for any industry!

That’s exactly why I’d love to share it with you to help you discover the content that is already waiting within reach that will take your business to new heights! Download 20 Content Ideas For Any Industry and never run out of things to post AGAIN! Simply click >>HERE.<<

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