Starting a Business Makes You Act Like a Toddler

Let me tell you one thing: starting a new business is hard.  Like, unfathomably so.  There are days (okay, most days) I find myself stamping my foot, pouting, and crying when I don’t get my way.  And I realized—boom—starting a business makes me act like a toddler.

  • I want a nap, but I refuse to take it.  Tears may or may not ensue.
  • I need to be tucked in.  No, you missed a part.  By my feet.  Ugh, you did it wrong.  Tuck more by my feet!  You know what, my socks are facing down.  This is all wrong.  Let’s start over.
  • I need a snack.  All the time.  Nothing too fancy, just sushi perhaps?  You know what? I’m really craving pasta.  Let’s make homemade pasta!
  • To avoid cleaning, I ask questions about God.
  • I want a cheeseburger.  No meat, no bum, no tomato, no lettuce.  I would like to eat cheese for dinner.
  • My pillow is too cold.
  • My pillow is too hot.
  • My back needs rubbing.  No, you’re rubbing wrong.  I’m not asking for much, just rub my back until I fall asleep, okay?
  • I need one more hug.  And one more kiss.  Yes, but, just one more.  And leave the hallway light on.
  • I need you to watch me cry.  And nod your head empathetically.  Tell me it’s going to be okay.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Toddler entrepreneurs, unite!  😉