Starting A New Business The RIGHT Way

As y’all know, I answer your questions every single week on my Facebook page. We talk about, life, business, Netflix… You name it, we go there!

Last week, Adrienne asked: “I’m curious how you balance starting a new business, investing in it, yet still making a profit?”

As I told Adrienne, I have started multiple businesses, so I know the best approach you can make is this: take.your.time.

If you think you are going to make enough money to put in your pocket AND grow your business, you will be wildly disappointed, buttercup.

When starting a new business, you are probably doing so because you are passionate about what you do. I have learned that the most important thing you can do when monetizing what you love, is:

>>Do not put *pressure* on your PASSION.<<

So, what do I recommend when starting a business?

Friend, for the first 2 years:

  1. Start your business as a side hustle
  2. Invest your profits back into it to grow
  3. Pay your living expenses with another business or job

I *love* the side hustlers because they are driven, motivated, and dedicated.

>>Boo, there is NOTHING wrong with funding your passion with your paycheck until your business takes off.<<

I did it for years until my wedding photography business became successful, again when I created online courses, and again when I started Social Curator!

Just keep hustling toward your goal, and you’re going in the right direction.