5 Things To Stop Doing On Instagram

Some might disagree with me, but I call it like I see it: 

>>Instagram is a two-way platform. It’s meant to be social in both directions.<<

  • If you’re not getting comments, go leave comments on other accounts.
  • If you’re not getting likes, it’s time to start liking photos.
  • If followers aren’t voting on your Story polls, try asking questions they want to answer.

Everyone wants to grow on Instagram, but few people are willing to put in the sweat equity to make it happen.

*But that is not the path for you.*

Here are 5 growth strategies that aren’t serving you well, Hustler.

The Follow and Unfollow Game

Picture this: You wake up in the morning, do the obligatory check of Instagram, and notice you gained a new follower through the night. *Hallelujah!*

You tap on their profile to get to know them a little more and follow them back because you love their content, too. What a wonderful friendship you’ve made!

One day later, your follower count has dropped back to its original number. Your new friend is nowhere to be found.

This person just played the follow and unfollow game, and friend, I hope you don’t.

>>If you aren’t genuinely interested in a person’s content, and you won’t be an active member of their community, then don’t follow them.<< 

Stop Doing This On Instagram

Having a Perfect Feed

As a photographer, I know just how hard it can be to let go of a perfectly curated feed where every image looks like it belongs in a magazine.

*Truly, I feel you!*

>>But now, more than ever before, your audience is longing for authenticity and the value you provide.<<

Put forth quality content as a stand-alone piece, and release the pressure of ensuring it matches the pieces of quality content alongside of it.

Serve and serve well…. The rest won't matter.

Using Bots

You want to grow, and you want to grow quickly. *Can I get an amen?!*

But the answer to growing a following that converts to customers is not by purchasing bot followers or paying for their engagement.

Remember how the algorithm works: Instagram will show your content to those who interact with it the most.

>>If your following and likes are powered by bots, you are preventing real humans (the paying kind) from seeing your products or services.<<

Sharing Only Sales Posts

What would you say if I told you that the key to making sales on social media is not to pitch what it is you sell?

That may sound crazy, but it’s the truth! The key to selling on social media is developing a relationship with your ideal client. 

>>They need to know, like, and trust you far before they share their credit card information.<<

Create posts that allow you to talk about your business in a natural and conversational way.

  • Share your origin story of how you developed your skill, knowledge, and passion.
  • Give a glimpse of your work behind the scenes.
  • Express gratitude for doing what it is you love.
  • Let others know more about you and what you do in your free time.

Not Responding To Comments

The goal of every post should be to get your audience talking back to you. 

>>When your followers take the time out of their day to comment on your content, do not let that effort go unnoticed.<<

Respond to every single comment. Period.

  • Does it require time? Yes.
  • Does it take more effort? Also yes.
  • Is it the best way to build a genuine relationship on social media? Definitely.
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Stop Doing This If You Want To Grow On Instagram