Stop With Excuses Why It Won’t Work. Give Me Reasons Why It Will.

>>Brave (adj.) – having the ability to face unpleasant conditions or behaviors without showing fear.<<

The word ‘brave’ should also be defined as remaining undaunted even though the odds are stacked against you.

Listen Buttercup, I know you may lack the money, time, and support that you want. *I know alllllll about the long nights and the worried looks from friends, too.*

I was there. Sometimes I STILL wish for things I don't have.

But then it stops there because I stop feeling sorry for myself and start taking action.

Your success will happen…not because you have all the resources, feel confident, and have a clearly defined plan.

>>Your success will happen because you don't have it all, AND YOU'RE STILL MAKING IT WORK.<<

Success doesn’t go to the smartest, the prettiest, or richest. 

  • Success goes to those who are brave.
  • Success goes to those who are willing and scrappy enough to search for every answer within the pages of Google.
  • Success goes to those who hear “you cannot” from others, but choose to say “I will” instead. 

Friend, notice that I didn’t say success goes to those who are perfect. That’s because none of us are! 

>>In fact, success tastes even sweeter to those who have made mistakes. BIG mistakes.<<


Because mistakes provide the opportunity to learn and improve.

Mistakes allow for humility to make its way into your life. *Everybody loves a slice of humble pie, right?* 

So be brave, boo boo, and make mistakes.

>>Ignore the excuses of why your dream shouldn’t or couldn’t work, and focus on reasons why it WILL.<<

Period. The end.

Check out the video below, where I speak about How To Be Brave On Social Media *even when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing* at Pays to Be Brave, hosted by Angie Lee.