Storytelling On Instagram + Facebook Stories

Recently I went to a co-working space in Newport Beach and decided to take you along for the ride to show you how I create Instagram stories while I’m on the go. 

>>I love IG stories because you are making micro-commercials about your business without SELLING your business!<<

Stories keep your business top of mind for your followers.

For example, if your ideal client is scrolling through stories and you’re frosting a cake in your bakery or backstage at a fashion show, they get to see YOU in real life, working on your business.

*This allows your client to imagine what it would be like if you were working on THEIR project, shooting THEIR wedding, or designing THEIR website.*

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a 4-slide Instagram story to provide your audience with value and create raving fans of your business.

Here are the 4 types of slides I recommend you create for your next Instagram story:

1. Scene-Setter: This slide should contextualize your story by telling them where you are, then explain what they can expect when watching the consequent slides, and end with some type of personal insight to make a connection with them. Telling your followers that you will give them value in your story will entice them to keep watching.

2. Behind the Scenes: After you have set the scene for your IG story,  it is great to then visually show them what you meant. For example, in the video above, I told my followers I was co-working at HanaHaus, so in the next slide I took a picture of the location.

>>When people see a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of your business, you are being SOCIAL on social media… Not SELLING.<<

3. Boomerang: I like to break up my stories with boomerangs, videos, and still photos as if I was creating my own Netflix feature (like when I told an Instagram story with pizza)! To showcase who I’m with in this particular story, I chose to create a boomerang of me and JD cheersing our glasses.

4. Giving Value: If you have been following me for awhile, you know that one of my biggest tips for growing your business on Instagram is to provide consistent value for your audience. In the Instagram story I created above, I gave my audience 3 tips to get out of their normal work environment to increase productivity.

>>Friend, Instagram stories are crucial for your audience to know, like, and trust you. And THIS is the way to lead to sales on social media!<<

For a step-by-step checklist to create your own Instagram stories, I’d love for you to download your Free Instagram Story Checklist.

Once you download the checklist, I’ll be sending you even more surprises in the future about Instagram stories and how you can use them in your business!

So, head over and download your Free Instagram Story Checklist and I’ll see you on the ‘gram, boo!