Take a Break

I've tried starting this blog post at least eight different ways. I tried to write a blog post about The Importance of Taking a Break (which was tacitly boring). I tried to write a blog post about how busy my week had been (but, like, we all have busy weeks, so who cares about mine?). I did research on why business owners should make time in their schedules to relax, to breathe…but I still couldn't get my thoughts strung together.

So, here I am on a Monday. Willing myself to start this week afresh and promising to take breaks when I need them. Because I'm tired. Because I've just completed a crazy wedding season with lots of travel. Because my dog entices me to sleep on pastel-colored pillows.

I create more and think better when I allow myself small gaps in my business, so I hope you do the same. And in case you need a statistic relating to productivity-boosting activities for your daily work breaks, this study showed that participants performed better on a variety of tasks after looking at photos of baby animals. Yes, BABY ANIMALS help keep you productive. Internet, Happy Monday to that! 😉