How to Take a Break

Do you need to take a break?!

For years, JD and I have carved out time in our calendars to just be. We share a Google calendar and block out days for resting and catching up, and we also add time for vacations. 

We've discovered that every time we return from a vacation *or recently, a staycation,* we have a new idea to execute or a project that will push us creatively. 

>>I know it seems counterintuitive, but the minute we prioritize rest and rejuvenation, the more effective we are throughout the year!<<

How to take a break

As business owners, growing our businesses, serving our clients, planning social media content and more, can often make us feel weighed down. 

When you’re preparing to take a significant break from social media, and the rest of your business in general, it’s important to outline what you’ll temporarily stop doing, and what you’ll have someone else do in your absence.  

On a break, here’s what you should keep doing: nothing. 

*Yes, I said it.*

>>Give yourself a complete brain break. Resist the urge to check email, post to your Stories, or scroll through your feeds.<<

Take a complete BREAK! *A little louder for the people in the back!*

Now, let’s talk about what you should stop doing temporarily:

  • Email: Set an auto-responder and move on. *They can wait… trust me.*
  • Client Work/Filling Orders: If you don’t have a team member who can keep your business running while you’re gone, then don’t take on any client work. This is a brain break, remember?!
  • Social Media: If you need to, schedule your posts in advance, or simply announce that you’re taking a break. Then, delete the apps and take a deep breath because Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter don’t exist to you right now! 

>>Finally, if you really feel like you can’t completely sign off, figure out the non-negotiables and let someone else take care of them.<<

You can delegate to a member of your team or hire a temporary virtual assistant to keep things running in your absence.

I hope this inspired you to take a break, Hustler, because you deserve it! You’ll be surprised how it affects your creativity, inspiration, and productivity when you come back. 

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