Taxes, Schmaxes


I walked into his office the same way a convict may approach a courtroom. I was nervous, anxious, and petrified at what my outcome would be. Yes, I knew I was doing some things right, but I also realized there was a ton I didn’t know…and Uncle Sam would track my patootie like a bloodhound.

Certified accountant extraordinaire, Harold Nelson, CPA, and I met last night to finalize the details of my tax filing. And, boy, was it a doozie! I brought JD along for moral support because just hearing what I owed in taxes might have causes an uninvited aneurism, but everything worked out nicely. When I first met with Harold, he walked me through every step I needed to complete in order to get my business on track with the State…he was AWESOME! For so long I looked for answers, but he gave clear and concise directions as to what I needed to do as well as proffer not-so-great news with a smile. Priceless.

In the end, JD and I hoped we’d get a nice little return to reinvest in our slowing economy (nothing says America like a new purse and shoes!), but it’ll have to wait for another day. I tried convincing JD that, really, I’m so patriotic that I need a new Louis Vuitton purse, but he wasn’t having it…not even when I sang the National Anthem.