The #1 Marketing Tip For Growing Your Business Online

Want to learn the secret to growing your business online? 

It’s easier than you may think… and that hard.

If you want to grow your business online, you must first build a solid foundation (more on that shortly!)

This is often the tough part because as entrepreneurs with BIG goals and even bigger dreams we can easily feel anxious just to hit the ground running. 

Listen. I get it. There will be time to sprint (and soon!) but first, you’ve got to know which direction you’re headed first and start paving the way to get there. 

The #1 Marketing Tip for Growing Your Business

As promised, here’s the secret, or as I like to call it, the #1 marketing tip for growing your business online: 

>>The foundation of getting sales is knowing WHO your business is for.<< 

Easy right? It will be once you do the necessary work of discovering who you’re actually selling to. 

Here’s where it’s harder than you may think… You must be specific. Like really specific. 

  • If you sell household cleaning products and think your business sells to anyone with a home, that’s not specific enough.
  • If you’re a divorce lawyer and think your business serves anyone going through a divorce, that’s not specific enough.

Let’s be real: your product or service is not for everyone. In fact, I’d say it shouldn’t be for everyone. 

The hard part is resisting the urge to sell to everyone because you’re worried if you get too specific you’ll miss out on sales. That’s a very real and common feeling. 

This is why many business owners don’t get specific enough and, frankly, don’t achieve the results they want. Don’t let that be your story.   

Your business is for a small group of people who’ll be excited to invest… and share it. That’s a GOOD thing. 

>>If you’re trying to sell to everyone, nobody is going to hear or buy from you.<<

Here’s why… 

  • Marketing doesn’t work without knowing your Ideal Client.
  • Sales copy doesn’t work either.
  • Neither does email correspondence.
  • And you can forget about getting testimonials!

When you’re humble enough to serve ONE person well and masterfully create an experience for them, it’ll set the foundation to grow.

That business that sold household cleaning products? 

Imagine if instead of trying to sell to ‘everyone with a home,’ they targeted their marketing efforts to young women who recently pivoted their career from working in the office to working remotely so they could enjoy more autonomy?

That divorce lawyer?

Imagine if instead of trying to serve ‘anyone getting divorced.’ they targeted their marketing efforts to single fathers in Arizona who were fighting for custody of their kids.

Do you want thousands of customers and millions of dollars?

Then you must learn to sell and serve one person. That is the #1 marketing tip for growing your business online.

Your dream customer is not an age group, gender, or race. They are a real person with wants, and desires, and has problems that YOUR business can help them with. 

When you speak to that person they will spark a fire volcano of growth for your business. So get *specific*… and know WHO you are selling to.

Don’t worry, if you want help discovering and knowing who you're speaking to and serving, I can help you hit the ground running! 

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