The Best Way to Repurpose Your Instagram Posts to Facebook

It’s time to reproduce, reuse, and recycle…content!

That’s right my friend, this slightly altered sustainability method works in more ways than just saving trees.

>>Today I’m going to teach you how to repurpose your content by staggering your Instagram posts to Facebook because I’m a huge fan of working smarter, not harder.<<

Studies have shown that the average user on social media will “platform hop” (i.e. a user will “hop” from Instagram over to Facebook, etc.)  if they have excess time and ability. #firstworldproblems

If you’re posting the same content at the same time on all platforms, there’s a higher likelihood that people will see the same content on different platforms at the same time. This disincentivizes them to follow you on multiple platforms.

And nobody wants that!

Instead, post the same content on multiple platforms at different times to ensure you’re reaching your audience in a variable manner.

In other words: STAGGER. THE. CONTENT.

Here’s how…

If you were to pull up my Instagram feed and Facebook page, you’d notice that 80% of my Instagram content mirrors Facebook’s. However, there are two main differences: time and context.


Whatever I post on Instagram will then be posted on Facebook one week later. My tried-and-true method is one week + four hours.

>>So if my Instagram post goes live at 8 AM on Monday morning, my Facebook post will be scheduled for 12 PM on Monday the following week.<<

People may platform hop, BUT they are also on social platforms at different times. So if they’re surfing Instagram in the morning, they probably won’t stumble upon the same post published a week later on Facebook in the middle of the day.


One mistake that many people make when sharing across multiple platforms is copying and pasting the exact same content. #respecttheplatform 

With different platforms, make sure your content is in the right context. This means making modifications to 5-10% of the original post to match the context of each individual platform. 

>>For example, when repurposing content from Instagram to Facebook, I remove hashtags and @ mentions so the content feels native to the platform.<<

So friend, I hope this formula helped your repurposing efforts for you to work smarter, not harder.

For a more in-depth look at how to repurpose your content, check out Issue #33 of Social Curator which includes a repurposing checklist to keep you organized.

*See, I gotchu boo!*