The Fix : Tickets on SALE!

I spent all of yesterday pacing my office. I bit my nails, I danced, I clipped magazines, but mostly I just sat there and worried. AND WHAT IF NO ONE COMES THEN WHAT?!?! What if it's just me and JD and I beg him to do the Arsenio Hall fist twirl (whoot whoot whoot!) so I don't feel lame. Well, the day has come to officially release tickets for The Fix : Conversations with Jasmine Star. Yup, just referred to myself in third person. I promise I'm not this weird in person. Hand to heaven.

After announcing The Fix last week, a few questions arose and I want to address them for sake of clarification…
kathleen frank: Is the information wedding photography specific? Do you think the information will be easily transferable to a non-wedding photography business?
Yes, the focus will be on the business of photography, and how it applies to our industry, not necessarily a specific niche.

Thomas: I can't find what time The Boston Fix starts. Can you please let me know?
Every event begins at 6:30pm with a mixer and the presentation begins at 7pm.

Emily Dobson: The dilemma – do I venture out to see you 4 days before my due date?! 😉 Would you be comfortable delivering a baby if by some chance we go into shock??
No, but JD is a really fast driver and we'll make sure you get to a hospital in time. And please come because, really, that would make an epic blog post! 😉

Ashley: Is this strictly for photographers or do you think other areas in the event/wedding industry would benefit?
The Fix is open to anyone who'd like to attend, so feel free to join a great group of people. Also, if you're in a different part of the industry–say, a wedding coordinator–this would be a great place to network and meet the artists whose work you'll one day be curating!

anda: ps — and the website by promise looks incredible too!!
I couldn't agree more! Promise Tangeman created The Fix website and I'm so happy to collaborate with such an awesome designer.

Jason Cho: What is the price? I can't tell what the $99/$119 means on the pricing page.
Sorry…this was sort of confusing. My bad. If you purchase a ticket before February 1, 2012, it's $99 and $119 anytime after that.

Bianca: I'm so proud of you! And even though I am NOT a photographer, I will attend. With bells and whistles on.
You better be. You're my sister!

Camille: My business is more aspirational than actual at the moment. Is this for someone like me, or for established business owners?
This event is geared for a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs…we'll be discussing the building blocks of a strong business so it may be a great way to prepare for what's in store. To be honest, my goal is for attendees to walk away learning one thing new that will revolutionize the way they look at their business. It won't be the same for everyone (so much depends on experience and business structure), but that one thing can be the start of big changes.

feuza: are you renting a cool ride and driving all over?
We rented a bus and will be driving to each city (yes, we're crazy). I might look back at my life one day and ask What The Heck Was I Thinking, but for now we're creating an adventure…and hoping for the best.

If you're interested in securing a seat in a city near you, CLICK HERE at 9am PST to get a ticket! And special thanks to White House Custom Colour and Showit for sponsoring The Fix…I feel so lucky to have their support. Love them.

Hope to see you soon!

Because of the surge on the website, the high volume has caused a delayed in the ticket email. If you received an email receipt from PayPal, you're covered. The secondary email should arrive within 24 hours and/or please check your spam folder in case it was accidentally placed there. Feel free to bring your ID to the event if you don't print out your ticket because we'll have the guest manifest on-site as well! 🙂