The Importance of a Bio Photo on a Website

The past few weeks I've been researching wedding photographers. I'm hosting a photography workshop tomorrow and before I meet the attendees, I scour their websites and blogs to offer personal insight into my initial online experience with their businesses. I, of course, don't tell the attendees I'm doing this…I want to see what prospective clients see if they're checking out their work.

One of the most powerful elements to a website–in and out of photography–is a bio photo or headshot. I can't express how essential it is. A good photo is a calling card, a relatively easy way to connect with prospective clients…and yet so many business owners fill this section of their websites with a landscape photo, a detail photo, or, worse, let it sit blank.

Studies have shown that humans create trust, firstly, on a visual level. We initially study a person's eyes, then judge his/her overall demeanor. Because business is largely researched on the web, the best thing a business owner can do is create a peripheral layer of trust in a short amount of time. A photo does this in spades.

Here's a collage of bio photos I pulled from talented wedding photographers who do a smashing job showing who they are in a single photograph…now tell me, can you not get a good sense of who they are? Starting at the upper left corner, to the right: Samm BlakeMichelle LangeGail WernerGladys JemAndria LindquistAnda MarieKatelyn JamesEmily ScottJill Thomas.

So what's stopping you? Excuses can be made, but if you're in search of connecting with clients and opening more the door for more leads, add a photo to your website…it'll help more than you know.

Stay Fabulous,

Update To Add
For those who asked why only female photographers are listed, I want to clarify I love men, too! I'll be making an updated male collage so if you have a good photo, send it my way. I highlighted photographers I follow (most of them female) and girls I find kind and inspiring. To be fair, I'll add guys soon! 😉

Alright…here's the male photographer collage I promised…these gentlemen are great photographers, but even better people…and their bio photos showcase exactly who they are…from left to right: Brandon KiddTroy GroverSachin KhonaRyan GreenleafNate Perkes (his toe touch is better than mine) … Mark PotterGabriel RyanJohn CainCharlie Mai