Business: The Infinite Game

Have you heard of the infinite game?

*I hadn’t either until a recent podcast by Simon Sinek where he laid it all out.*

Let me break it down for you…

A finite game has defined players, a set of rules, and an outcome with an ultimate winner.

But business doesn’t fit in that mold, Dreamer.

Business: The Infinite Game

>>Business is a game that never ends with a series of players who are constantly learning to play. It’s an infinite game.<<

Let’s use education as an example to put this into perspective:

  • You might have graduated as valedictorian of your class,
  • Then went on to have a 4.0 GPA at the college of your dreams,
  • And finally received a PhD with honors from the greatest university in the country.

Does that mean you “won” the game of education? No. Because there are no winners and losers in education.

Likewise, there are no winners or losers in business.

Business is an infinite game that is always iterating. At each turn, there are a series of lessons to learn. You might learn these lessons quickly and feel ahead in the game, or it might take you a while to grasp them.

>>But the game’s objective is to keep the game going, just like your objective should be to keep your own business pressing forward.<<

So what does this mean?

It means that we are reinventing the rules and then using those rules to change the game. We learn what works and we capitalize on every opportunity to learn more.

This is why we get into entrepreneurship.

>>If you feel overwhelmed, depleted, or ready to quit, remember that you are not behind and there are no losers in the infinite game of business.<<

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