The Key To Business Freedom

  • I was running as fast as I could, yet my feet were still dragging.
  • I couldn’t catch my breath, and there was no time to stop for a breather.
  • I was quickly shutting down, but the finish line was nowhere in sight.

Surprisingly, I’m NOT talking about running a marathon. *Although I DID paint one heck of a picture, didn’t I?!*

I’m talking about the struggles I faced as my business grew…and I couldn’t keep up.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re also running in slow motion and drowning in your work schedule, then read on Buttercup, because I found the solution! *AKA the go-go juice recipe that’ll help you finish that marathon!*

>>The key to business freedom is outsourcing!<<

Listen boo, I’m all about doing things 100%. 

When you first start a business, you can handle a lot of things yourself. I get that because I did, too!

>>But the minute that your business starts growing and you’re unable to do everything at 100% is the minute you need to wave your white flag and call in reinforcements.<<

There came a time when it was impossible for me to do 100% for my business. My business had grown to a point where I literally felt like a marathon runner moving at a snail’s pace. *Hence the impeccable visual I described above, if I do say so myself.*

So, I finally bit the bullet and outsourced.

And I haven’t looked back since!

>>I quickly realized that outsourcing what I couldn’t do at 100% really made me a stronger photographer, business owner, and business strategist.<<

Finances were never my forte. When I first started out, I was able to handle it month-to-month. But when things began to grow, that was the first area that I knew needed to be done by someone else. 

So, I outsourced my finances to a bookkeeper.

He was able to do his job at 100%, which gave me the ability to give 110% effort toward doing what I do best. 

>>Doing less in my business actually helped me to grow more than I ever thought possible.<<

You don’t have to run the marathon alone, my friend.

Pass off the baton and outsource! Believe me, it’ll help you get back to 100% faster than chugging a bottle of Gatorade!