The LAPD Has Its Paws On Me

A couple nights ago I had dinner with my good friends David Jay, Allie, and Crystal. We started the meal quite late, so by the time the server cleared the edamame and discarded sushi, it was just past 11:30pm. Despite their pleas for me to stay with them in Santa Barbara and drive back to Orange County the following morning, I knew I had to get back that night.

So we said out goodbyes along State Street.

For the record, I love fast cars. I’m a total tomboy and once you get me started on horsepower and v8 engines, I’m in heaven. So you can just imagine my pleasure when I crept onto the 101 freeway just past midnight with no cars in sight. I floored my accelerated and sped along the Pacific Ocean easily at 90+ MPH. I was talking to JD on my cell when OUT OF NO WHERE I see red flashing lights pull up behind me.

I flung my cell across the car and started praying every prayer that could come to my mind…then pulled off the freeway.

After the cop received my insurance and license, I called David Jay to let him know about my escapade. Little did I realize he was RECORDING the whole conversation. Feel free to CLICK HERE to listen to the whole thing…including my fake tears as the cop writes my ticket!

With many thanks to my beautiful bride Roseann, I now have a permanent reminder to drive sloooooowly. Because her wedding was one day before my birthday, Roseann gave me a gift when I arrived to take her pictures. She’s SO amazing!! My little Polo is now my K-9 Patrol Pup, complete with a LAPD uniform…

So, yeah, I guess I won't be caught speeding anymore…Polo's all over it now! 😉