The Moment.

My sister moved into a new house last week. We were asked to pitch in and help pack, lift, and load, but I was unfortunately washing my hairwatering my rock gardenstaring off into the distance…BUSY WITH WORK, but JD was able to help. He lessened the void of my absence by bossing people around and complaining about the heat. Atta, boy!

To celebrate this new chapter in Bianca+Matt's lives, we met for dinner at their new home. She prepared a delightful meal and we sat around their table–some of us sharing chairs–and toasted to life. Like usual, we jostled to gain control of the conversation, often times talking over and LOUDER than the other, and continued this way until we departed into the darkness of an Orange County night.

There are moments when I'm wracked with guilt for not being the type of daughter/sister/wife I aspire to be, but there are also times when I take a step back and enjoy. The Moment. During the height of the dinner conversation (a culmination of how to provide clean water in Haiti, why capers don't belong in pasta, and Puff Daddy), I stepped back and took a picture. To help me remember…my family…happiness…and life in the in between.