The Path to

I taught my first educational workshop for photographers in 2009, a few years after becoming a full-time photographer. In 2011, I taught my first business workshop for photographers. In 2013, I taught my first three-month business revamp workshop for photographers…entrepreneurs? You see, the workshop was intended for photographers, but a lot of creative entrepreneurs joined because the foundation of a brand is the same for any business owner.

Shortly thereafter, entrepreneurs contacted me for further business consulting and I stifled a laugh. Then I scoffed. Then I fell silent. Could I really create branding and marketing strategies for entrepreneurs? A lot of hustle, a plethora of amazing clients, and three years later, the answer is YES.

I'm BEYOND EXCITED to announce I'm hosting a Business Summit in Dallas and Los Angeles…and I'd be honored for you to join me at The Path to Profitability. This two-day Branding, Marketing and Mindset event will empower entrepreneurs to radically transform their businesses…and lives.

To secure a seat for this intimate event, visit Hope to see you soon!