The Power of Community

I get it.

Running a business is difficult and lonely. At times it feels like you’re stranded on an island like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

You have a ton of questions that you want answers to, and you’d prefer to hear them from a real-life human rather than a mute volleyball. *Wiiiiiilsooooon!*

I get it.

If you’re ready to build your raft and get off that secluded island, the community of Social Curator is ready to rescue you with open arms, boo boo!

On the inside of the group, you’ll be part of a community of other entrepreneurs who are doing the same thing as you: pursuing a purpose.

>>The idea behind the Social Curator community is taking action, getting things done, and supporting others in the same capacity that we ourselves want to be supported.<<

Along with the unmatched human connection, yours truly will provide coaching every month to push you to reach your goals.*I like to think of it as a loving kick in the pants, because we all could use a little nudge, am I right?!*

As the Social Curator community grows, our goal is to meet members to ensure we're pushing toward our goal of DOUBLING your business in 2020.

Our commitment as a community is to network, collaborate, and support our peers, much like we did at our Curator Meetup in Nashville, TN in October.

Man, oh man!! People showed up, my friend.

They showed up on a rainy Friday night when they could’ve been living it up in Music City. A few drove over six hours to be there. Some even stayed until the very end just so we could share an embrace and a few words.

These people embody the true meaning of what this community is all about:

  • Commitment
  • Support
  • Encouragement

>>Social Curator isn’t about one or two people. It’s about a group of people collectively pursuing what they feel they were called to do.<<

Let me tell you, when this group rallies behind each other to help one another, magic happens. 

It is an absolute honor and privilege to get to work and walk alongside people who care about each other just as much as they care about their own passions. This incredible community makes my heart flutter.

And the best part about it, boo boo?

We’re just getting started.

>>2020 is coming in hot, with brand new content and a step-by-step curriculum that will be changing businesses and lives.<<

I can’t wait to show you all of the amazing things we have planned. The only question is:

Are you ready to abandon your little island and climb aboard this community ship?