The Productivity Plan That Keeps Me Radically Organized

Have you ever looked at your work day and felt like you’re running straight into a tidal wave?

>>Friend, as business owners we are afforded OPTIONS… so why are we spending our days a slave to our to-do list?!<<

It might surprise you to know that with all of the tasks and responsibilities I have in my business, I actually make time for self care, my daily workout, and I even shut my laptop promptly at 6:30 every evening.

Today, I’m giving you 5 simple steps I take to organize my work day, keep track of my project deadlines, and be way more productive.

Step 1: I set aside 30 minutes every Sunday to plan my week. My week is usually made up of meetings, interviews, project deadlines, so I write down all of these big tasks that absolutely need to get accomplished that week.

Step 2: I schedule my week according to definitive meetings and interviews. Once I have those locked in, I can plan out 1-2 hour blocks of time when I can work without distraction.

Step 3: Every morning, I wake up and I create my daily schedule. This daily schedule is a minute by minute breakdown of what I need to do, and the pace that I need to work to accomplish everything. My schedule is incredibly precise, because I’ve discovered that when I stick to my plan, I get everything done.

Step 4: I plan breaks in my day. Nothing has helped me more to stay on track than planning and prioritizing small breaks—like walking the dog, working out, or having dance parties in my office—to get my blood pumping and creativity moving again.

Step 5: I move my unfinished tasks to tomorrow’s schedule. If I did not have everything on my to-do list crossed off, the remaining tasks become my top priority the next day to help me stay on my project deadlines.

Friend, I hope this helped you become radically more productive.

*But let me tell you, this didn’t just happen overnight!*

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