The Scarf


For brief, flickering moments in time, I can be quite impulsive. Like that one time I cleaned my bathroom at midnight. With a toothbrush. Or when I begged JD to elope. Or when I dipped into our 401k to buy a pair of boots in Italy. Oh, and don’t forget that one time I bought 14 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper because it was on sale.

Something just comes over me and it’s as if I need to do that very thing. Or else I’ll die.

Polo has been in need of a hair cut for weeks, but we’ve pulled at so many ends lately it just hasn’t been a priority. A couple days ago, Polo had to lift his head to see where he was walking so I did something impulsive: I cut Polo’s hair. While seated in JD’s lap as he talked on the phone, I got all Vidal Sassoon on Polo’s bangs, but I knew things went bad when JD looked down at Polo and threw up his arms as if to say I love you, you’re so talented WHAT THE HECK?!?

Sure, Polo looks like he belongs on the set of Dumb&Dumber, but I make sure he walks with a scarf so people know he’s still stylish…in his heart.