The Secret to Awesome Hashtags

Have you ever thought, “Hashtags don’t work for me… My engagement is still low. I must be using the wrong ones.”?

If so, I need you to understand one crucial secret to awesome hashtags…

>>Hashtags are for discoverability, NOT engagement.<<

For example, if you and I were sitting on a crowded bus, and someone walked in wearing a neon sign around his neck, we would easily discover him, right? The neon sign helped catch our attention.

Well friend, think of hashtags as neon signs.

*They’ll get you noticed on the crowded Instagram bus!*

But understand this: just because we discovered a post, doesn’t mean we’ll engage with it. 

>>Getting someone to like, comment, or share your post without knowing you takes a lot of work.<<

To continue our analogy, let’s say the person sitting on the crowded bus was wearing a neon sign (remember: the hashtag) that stated #NFLFOOTBALL.

You and I might both be interested in the sign, but if we start talking to him (the same way we’d read his Instagram post), he might say things I’m not interested in or don’t like. On the other hand, you might LOVE his insights and want to talk back to him.

Using this example, just because we both saw his neon sign, doesn’t mean that we’d both talk back to him (AKA engage).

You see, the secret to awesome hashtags is that there isn’t a secret.

>>The key is to use hashtags to get discovered, then create a post that’s interesting, exciting, educational, humorous, or helpful. That’s what will help get the engagement you want!<<

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