The Thankful List


I’m thankful for my father’s accent – it’s a trace of a country he left behind for a better life and opportunities.
I’m thankful for not learning to read until I was almost 11 years old – it taught me hard work pays off.
I’m thankful for the boys who made fun of me for being fat when I was a kid – they made me appreciate inner beauty.
I’m thankful for having groceries anonymously left on my childhood porch – it showed generosity of people who cared.
I’m thankful for government scholarships for college – they allowed me a chance to change my life.
I’m thankful for going to law school – it proved I wasn’t meant for legalese or the courtroom, but placed squarely behind a camera.
I’m thankful for my mom’s battle with cancer – it demonstrated the power of the human spirit to live life wondrously.
I’m thankful for the litany of dead-end jobs I worked – it makes me appreciative to do what I love today.
I’m thankful for my camera – it’s given me life.
I’m thankful for my husband’s support – it’s beautiful to have someone believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself.
I’m thankful for mistakes – they teach me lessons in forgiveness and grace, with others and myself.
I’m thankful for my clients – they embolden me to live my dreams out loud.
I’m thankful for the chance to follow my dreams…to create…to stand on the precipice of risk and discomfort.
I’m thankful for the things that make me, me.