The Way I Eat Soup


In the months leading to our wedding anniversary, JD and I planned taking a trip to escape the busyness of our lives. A time to check out and breathe the air, preferably air seasoned with salt. I’m happy to vacation anywhere…as long as we’re by the sea. It started with Cabo San Lucas, but then realized it required more planning than I’m good at. Then it was San Francisco, but realized we’d have to fly…and I’m so over flying. Then it was Napa, but I’m so over driving as well. By the time we arrived to vacationing in Laguna Beach, I was completely happy with our decision. No flying, a minimal drive, and—with the help of my good friend Jaime Snyder of the Montage Resort and Spa—made a reservation in no time at all.

Every encounter with the Montage has been in relation to wedding photography, so it was fabulous to enjoy the resort as a guest. In fact, when I arrived yesterday, the valet remembered me and jovially asked if I was back to photograph another wedding. No, today I’m A GUEST, I squealed.

Last night we had a reservation at Studio here at the Montage and it was absolutely amazing! The service was unreal, the food delicious, and the view of sunset breathtaking.

**Embarrassing Sidenote**
As my first course was served, I looked at it and had no idea what it was. There were a few centimeters of melon and a sprig of something green, then he poured a pear smoothie (I think) around it in a bowl. Why in the world I ate it with a fork is beyond me. Do most people eat soup with a fork? No. Does Jasmine eat soup with a fork? Why, yes, yes she does. When the server claimed our plates, he discreetly cleared my spoon and replaced my fork. Good lord. I was humiliated. I’m sure he thought I was the kind of girl who covered her windows with tinfoil, kept four broken-down cars on her front lawn, and regularly boils opossum for dinner.
**End of Embarrassing Sidenote**

This morning JD and I spent time on our veranda watching the waves crash along the shore and I felt so blessed. We’re vacationing until tomorrow, so I’ll respond to email on Wednesday. Until then, I hope to work on my tan, wiggle my toes in the sand, and eat soup with a fork.

Happy Monday!