The WORKSHOP : Atlanta


Everything they say about the South is true. Everything. And I’m not sure who, exactly, they are, but all the amazing things I’ve heard about Atlanta, Georgia was proven when I hosted a photography workshop in that glorious city. The sweet tea, the southern drawls, the hospitality…and humidity so thick mosquitos don’t bother biting, instead they land on your arm and take a nap.

We were lucky enough to host 20 photographers at in Decatur (pronounced Dee-Kay-Ter, not Deck-Ah-Tur like I so naively said it to locals) at the DeKalb (pronounced Deh-Cabe, no “L” sound, like I so naively…never mind, you get the point) History Center. However, the night before all the attendees showed up and we enjoyed burritos and frosty beverages on a patio…as sunset fell, I looked around and realized I was meeting some of the coolest people. It made me that much more excited for the following day.

The DeKalb History Center used to be an courthouse from Decatur’s early days and it’s just plain beautiful…marble columns, mahogany doors, and amazing light…who could ask for more?

I decided to break up the shooting demonstration to be both indoors and outdoors, due to the weather. As my attendees kindly explained, it was just too darn hot to keep a bride and groom out in the sun for an hour. Quite honestly, they would melt. So–okay–let’s just start in this room. We need little more than a 10 foot by 10 foot square to produce 10 different poses. I call it my 10 by 10 game…I challenge myself to shoot the same {small} space in 10 new ways and I showed attendees what I am looking for and how I do it.

Before I proceed further, I need to thank an absolutely delightful creative team who helped make these wedding photos extra pretty…

Venue: DeKalb History Center
Florals: Creme De Le Chic
Makeup: Sarai Trammell
Hair: Alicia Igess
Wedding Dress: Winnie Couture
Models: Michael and Kelly Lane

JD caught me in a moment of specificity…I’m a stickler for appendages. Arms, fingers, feet. Here I explain what I want them to do within a frame and how it’s important in fixing those details as it makes for natural wedding photography…

Kelly, you’re stunning. Really.

When we felt brave enough to face the blazing heat, we walked around the streets of Decatur, Georgia…but, really? How charming is this town?!

The day was hot and bright and we shot the session midday to show how to produce images leveraging natural reflectors to create soft and natural illumination…

We ended the session outside of the courthouse and hoped the shade would offer some relief from the heat…but Kelly and Michael produced a level of sizzle all their own!

It was awesome seeing photographers see light in a new way. One of the attendees asked me to show her how I shoot in full sun, no shade…I, of course, explained that wasn’t the easiest approach to wedding photography on a bright day, but once I demonstrated how I’d handle it on a wedding day, my settings, and reflective light from natural sources, a lightbulb went off in her head. I’m pretty sure we high-fived each other…and later had to wipe the sweat off our hands. It was THAT hot. But look at these amazing photographers rock the weather…ain’t a thing!

I’ll end the photo shoot on this happy photo…they look in love, they look happy, and–most importantly–they look like they’re having FUN!

Here’s my favorite photo of the day…words can’t describe how this lovely team of photographers came together to better their businesses…and strengthen their dreams. We spent so much time together, enjoyed amazing meals together, and created a network of support for each other. I can’t wait to see what the industry looks like in the future with these people leading the way. I’m humbled by their support and desire to do life passionately.

And a BIG, special thanks to Chelsea Patricia for being a gracious host, showcasing her Southern hospitality, and working incredibly hard at making sure the Atlanta workshop went off perfectly. I’m incredibly indebted to her support.

If you’d like to join us for a future workshop, feel free to sign up for the NEWSLETTER since it’s announced there first.