The Workshop : Video

Every so often I meet people and I realize I'm the luckier half of the friendship union. You know, the person who clearly is more blessed by having the other person in their life. This happens more often than not because I have pretty epic friends, but when I met Matt&Katie, I knew from the outset I was in for good times.

We met in Australia at The Workshop. Katie asked if Matt could video the event and he'd put together some highlights for me. I was stoked, so Matt came along with with Canon 5DMII and filmed a bit of the day. Fast forward to today….ummm, I don't think I realized Matt was a genius with his camera. And his eye. Matt and Katie are both amazing photographers, but they make an even more killer duo with their video skills. To see what I'm talking about, take a looksie…

So, yes, this just further proves I don't deserve such amazing people in my life. At all. But I'm not complaining! I'll just sit back and thank Matt&Katie for finding room in their hearts for little ‘ol me! If you'd like me at a future workshop, be sure to sign up for the announcement here!