There Has Never Been A Better Time to Grow Your Business

Friend, I have an unpopular opinion and I’m not afraid to share it.

Are you ready?

>>There has never been a better time to grow your business and leverage the power of social media than now.<<

For anybody who has ever said they don’t have enough time, they don’t have the resources and they don’t know where to begin their search, THIS is your chance.

In this candid conversation with Chase Jarvis on CreativeLive TV, I unabashedly admit that COVID-19 will reveal two types of entrepreneurs: those that believe there is opportunity and those who come from lack and want.

I truly believe that COVID is going to separate those who will grow and thrive with those who will be left behind.

It’s time to innovate by doing nothing more than by asking yourself three simple questions:

  1. What are people asking for? They may not be asking YOU, but people are always asking questions in relation to whatever it is you do. What is your ideal client Googling right now? Create THAT.
  2. What is culturally relevant? Do I think you should be creating travel plans, no! Listen to current social conversations and respond to them by innovating in a new way.
  3. What is something new I could try? The quarantine is a great time to rebrand, add on a new product, or try something different in your business. What have you always wanted to test? Test it!

A perfect example of this is how the Social Curator team and I innovated during the quarantine. Many people were asking us how to show up on social media during this time but enrollment for our membership was closed, so we could not enroll them in the program.

However, we asked ourselves how we could create something new based on the questions they were asking and what was culturally relevant, and for the first time we gave free access to Social Curator.

That’s right: They were able to get caption templates, lifestyle photos, Instagram Story templates and a marketing action plan to teach them how to show up on social media for FREE.

*You can check it out for yourself >>HERE!<<*

The point, my friend, is this:

>>Now is the time to take the little you have and make it work.<<

There are people who have less and are doing more in dire situations, so if your actions don’t match your aspirations, you didn’t want it bad enough.

Will you CHOOSE to believe this is the best time to build your business?