This Fool-Proof System Will Help You Complete BIG Projects

Wanna chat about creating a productivity map to actually achieve your goals?

Listen, I get it. The word “productivity” sounds so promising, but at the same time makes most of us feel “less than”.

As entrepreneurs, we feel like we are constantly surrounded by other business owners who are planning, executing, and of course, making time for “rest” with the perfect “balance”… all before we’ve finished our morning coffee!

While seeing other people’s lives on Instagram, it’s tempting to think that some people can just DO MORE… while others can’t. 

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

>>What if I could explain how to map out your next 3 months in less than 30 minutes?<<


I’m about to share my exact planning process, beginning with a quarter (or 3 months out of the year), a month, a week, and a day. Let’s create a Productivity Map!

Step 1: Pick a Project

This could be launching your website, training for a marathon, or creating a new product. *Really…Anything!* 

Step 2: Create the Framework

Once you have your project in mind, creating a quarterly Productivity Map comes down to 5 simple questions to ask yourself before starting this new project:

  1. Do I have the capacity?
  2. When will the project start and end?
  3. What is involved?
  4. What is the timeline for completion?
  5. What specific tasks are needed to complete?

That is the framework for a quarterly project.

*Whew, isn’t it amazing that it doesn’t feel impossible to tackle a big goal?*

Step 3: Create a Monthly Plan

Once you have taken these 5 questions into consideration, it’s time to focus on a monthly plan.  This means you should divide your project into 3 big goals: 1 per month for 3 months.

To do this, focus on specifically what needs to get done for each of those goals, and you’ll have EVERYTHING that needs to get done in the month to ensure the project stays on track.

Step 4: Divide Your Goals

Finally, once you’ve viewed all of your tasks for the month, break them into weekly assignments.

I swear by this method because if you know what tasks need to get done each week, it will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

>>Instead of looking at a list of All! The! Things! You! Need! To! Do!, you can just focus on a small list of things you can ACTUALLY accomplish, that is pushing you toward your big goal.<<

Of course, we started this productivity conversation around the idea that we have the ability to take our dreams and make them come to life…but that only works if we have a plan.  For a step-by-step plan of your own, download my FREE Productivity Planner to get started!

In this planner, I will not only walk you through how to make your dream come to life, but you will also get to see a real-life example of MY daily to-do list. I can’t wait for you to get.stuff.DONE with this planner, so RUN *don’t walk* and download it >>HERE<< and let’s reach our goals… together.