This Is How I’d Critique Your Instagram Account

I had the opportunity to speak at the Girlboss rally and hosted an Instagram feedback session based on the accounts using the #girlboss Instagram hashtag.

If I ever had the chance to critique your account (note: I do NOT offer this at this time), these are the things I’d look for:

  1. Do you have an effective bio?
  2. Do I know what you do/offer?
  3. Are you writing engagement-driven captions?
  4. Are you responding to comments? 

Let’s dive in to each of these points so you can critique your own account and find ways to get better!

1. Fix your bio before you fix your feed. If we don’t know who we serve, we get lost of the sea of the sameness. Follow my formula for a bio that preps your audience for sales to give yours a makeover. No shade intended, but it probably needs one, boo!

2. Look at what everyone else is doing, then run the other way. If you want to get noticed, play in the gaps. The only way to stand out on Instagram is to do something different, so experiment, play, have fun, and be yourself.

3. Show behind the scenes. How do you get inspired? What does your supply kit look like? What are some tips and tutorials related to your industry? Trust is the most valuable currency on the web and showing behind the scenes is how we build enough trust to invest.

4. Teach people how to engage with your account. Respond to comments with more than 4 words because the algorithm weighs them differently than a string of emojis or single words. This shows your audience how to have conversations with you!

Friend, I’m sharing this post and video below because I believe you were made for more.

*Show up consistently and work for your engagement, but please do not just hope for it.*

Create your posts with intention and purpose and your followers WILL turn into customers. 

Follow these steps and your audience will know, like, and trust you. I can’t WAIT to see you to make a bigger impact in the world.