This One’s For The Side Hustlers

Every life-changing adventure, decision, or opportunity I’ve had started off with a side hustle.

But if we’re going to be real, side hustles have a stigma. When you have one, for some reason people feel like they can have an opinion about it.

For example, when I first picked up my camera, people were like, “Aw, look at that cute hobby of yours!”

When I started teaching about social media strategy, they said, “Bless her heart, she’s doing another *thing*.”

I know first-hand that side hustles have this stigma attached to them. However, I proudly take the opposite stance.

Unlike most, I’m going to APPLAUD THE SIDE HUSTLE. Why?

Side hustles:

  • …Make you hungry
  • …Are fun
  • …Keep you a little scared
  • …Fulfill you

Are those not the key tenets of living a purposeful life? There is no shame in having a side hustle; you should be absolutely proud of yourself because you are doing the thing you love.

I appreciate people who have a side hustle because they are thoughtful, dedicated, and relentless.

But sometimes our inner-perfectionist becomes the biggest critic of our own good work, and the question they often ask me is: how long should it take for my side hustle to turn into my full-time career?

Friend, there is no time limit on your side hustle. It is not guaranteed to be a full-time career, but you’ll be lucky if it becomes one. It could take 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years…but as long as you are moving forward in the right direction that is all you can do.

>>Remember: you are responsible for the effort, not the outcome.<<

If you are executing at 110% then it will happen at the time it is supposed to happen.

Is your side hustle fulfilling?  Does it make you excited? Does it empower you to be driven? Good, keep moving forward toward your goal.

Focus on being responsible for the effort, looking at the outcome, then adapting and starting again. Every time I go through these cycles, I get one step closer to doing what I want to do, and I wish the very same for you.