Threading the Branding Needle

Darn IT!

JD asked what was wrong from the next room and I muttered something about sewing. Obviously bewildered—the last time I sewed anything was in the fourth grade when I was all into cross-stitch—he asked what I meant. I explained I was trying to fasten a button on my jacket and can’t thread the darn needle! I couldn’t tell if he was more impressed with the fact that I was even trying, or the mere idea we actually owned a sewing kit.

Either way, he offered his help and that’s all I wanted to hear. You know, just because I’m like that.

Whether I actually need help is beside the point. I just want him to offer.

And if you think this is bad, magnify this notion for the PAST THREE MONTHS! I’m currently undergoing a rebranding process and it’s been quite a journey. I’ve never really been one for change (I mean, I order the SAME thing to eat every time I go to a restaurant and have used the same brand of peanut butter for eons!), but my brand needs a facelift. I’m not the same cursive ‘J*’ I was a year and half ago and I want a logo and brand that represents the photographer and girl I am today.

Which means I’ve been asking for help from JD. I’m getting a new logo and website, so the process has been exciting, scary, frustrating, and joyful. I’ve experience a whole gamut of emotions, but—more than anything—I’m excited for everything to debut in the next couple of months!

And whether I actually need help is beside the point. I just want JD to offer to sit next to me while I choose pictures for my website and give logo feedback when asked. He’s just as much a part of this rebranding as I am and I crave his support.

Because—in the end—he’s always willing to thread my needle and encourage me as I enter the unknown.