TikTok: My Thoughts And Predictions (2019)

What’s TikTok?

Over the past few months, you may have heard about a fast-growing social media platform called TikTok.

*I’m fascinated with it, y’all!*

>>TikTok is a quick-viewing platform that sucks people in with silly videos and shows them content right after another.<<

It’s exactly what it sounds like… Totally addicting!

Dude, I literally sat down on a Saturday morning to check it out, and 3 hours later JD summoned me out of the rabbit hole.

The primary demographic on TikTok is Gen Z, ages 14-18, and it is growing rapidly.

The other day on my Facebook Live, Kelly told me that her 17 year old son has over 20,000 followers in just a few months! 

This type of growth hasn’t been seeon a social platform in YEARS. There are currently over 1 billion active users! *Yea, it’s THAT popular*

So, what does this mean?

  • Is Instagram a thing of the past?
  • Should we all deactivate our Facebook accounts?
  • Is YouTube now for old people?

Here’s my prediction, boo boo.

The thing that makes TikTok so different is the editing capabilities within such as adding music, making cuts, adding filters, and hundreds of effects. 

Instagram is seeing that if they don’t “up their game,” they will lose their users to TikTok.

>>So, my prediction is that Instagram will either acquire TikTok or release similar editing capabilities to keep up.<<

It’s like back in 2013, when Mark Zuckerberg tried to purchase Snapchat for $3 billion and when they were turned down, he created Instagram stories which completely destroyed Snapchat’s growth. 

So what should we, as business owners, do about TikTok?

Friend, you need to get on TikTok.

Even if you’re just consuming the content and learning how it works, it is important for us as business owners to know where the attention of our customers are.

You might be saying, “Jasmine, my target market isn’t 14-18 years old!” and to that I say to you: …yet.

In 6 months, TikTok could be all the rage. Or, in 6 months TikTok could be a thing of the past and everyone is on Instagram utilizing their new editing features.

>>Either way, use TikTok NOW so that you can either build an audience there or hit the ground running on Instagram when they release those features!<<

My team and I are already strategizing about how to incorporate TikTok into our content strategy, because the growth potential is huge. I suggest you do too, boo!

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