Trading Fear For Fun

“Are you courageous enough to trade fear for fun?”

That was the question that my coach asked me only ten short months ago.

He was challenging me to get rid of the fear that consumed and controlled my thoughts about starting a podcast:

  • Can I learn this new skill?
  • Would anybody even listen?
  • Does the world need yet another podcast?

>>I let excuses overshadow my true desire for branching out into a new venture.<<

Until now.

Ten months later, I stopped making excuses and officially launched my podcast…

And it was a piece of cake. *Okaaay not really, but a girl can dream, right?*

>>I swallowed my fear and gave myself permission to embrace the unknown.<<

Full disclosure: I still don’t know what I’m doing. But that’s alright! I’ve accepted that reality and have given myself grace during this journey.

Let me tell you what, boo boo: It feels AMAZING.

Starting this podcast has given me a chance to do more of what I love. *Plus, having another creative outlet is the cherry on top of this yummy dream cake.*

Speaking of dreams, this podcast vision began with YOU in mind, my friend. I want to serve you as best as I can, so here are my podcast promises:

  • Equal parts of humor, honesty, and inspiration 
  • Candid, real, “non-interviewy” conversations about life and business
  • A *loving* kick in the pants to start taking action to build the business of your dreams

The Jasmine Star Show is finally out in the world, and I would be forever grateful if you tuned in. Along with listening on your favorite podcast platform, you can also listen, enjoy, and join in the conversation >>HERE!<<

Although I still experience the all-too-real emotions of fear, doubt, and worry, I’m moving past them to experience the incredible. 

And you should do the same. That’s right, I’m not just talking about me and my wannabe podcast. I’m talking about the fear that’s inside of YOU.

I’m willing to bet that if I had *super duper* mind-reading powers, I’d be able to sense some fear that’s holding you back from pursuing your dreams.

Don’t let that crippling feeling win. Say goodbye to fear and hello to conquering your dreams.

*But*, it doesn’t just happen, Buttercup. You must make the decision to change. 

>>Change requires us to choose, act, and think differently.<<

Think of it as the fear-crushing diet. No worries, you can still eat that dream cake.

Making the conscious choice to put fear aside is the hardest part. The rest will seem like a cakewalk. *Clearly I need JD to bake me a cake because that’s ALL I can think about right now.*

It takes commitment. But YOU. ARE. READY.

  • Are you with me?
  • Can you leave worry and doubt behind to create something amazing?
  • Are you willing to trade in fear for fun?

The choice is yours. The time is now.
The future is ours for the taking. Reach out, grab on, and don’t let go!