Trump National Palos Verde Wedding : Shala+Omar


She stared out the window of her suite and let out a soft squeak. Doesn’t look like rain today, she announced to everyone within earshot of her elated voice. Shala had morphed into a meteorologist the week leading to her wedding day, spouting rain statistics and cross-referencing weather websites to ensure the day was safe. But just in case, she bought umbrellas. Lots of umbrellas hidden in the closet for to see them might betray the cloud-like doubt in her heart. No, it couldn’t rain.

Shala and Omar passed notes to each other from their suites–love letters filled with promises and declarations of forever–until it was time to see each other before the wedding ceremony. Omar waited on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Coast, but as Shala made her way to him, the skies parted and the rain fell. At first it danced on the pavement, almost teasing Shala to complete what she had set out to do, but when puddles formed along the pathway, she turned and waited for Omar.

Under an expansive oak tree, Omar and Shala met for the first time on their wedding day. The rain slowed to a drizzle and they laughed at their luck. Together they’ll face any storm life pushes their way with similar sentiment: as long as they have each other, every day is perfect.

Shala and Omar…words fail to describe how appreciative I am to have joined you on such a personal and intimate day. You’re both incredibly kind and warm and deserve all the goodness that’s come your way. Just like your wedding day, the sun will always shine for people who are entitled to the warmth they themselves give so freely. Enjoy Bora Bora and good luck with your new puppy! Much Love and Appreciation… j*

The wedding day started at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verde, just a couple blocks from where the wedding took place, Trump National Golf Course. The morning was filled with diamonds and lots of Vera Wang…starting with the shoes…

Shala wore a stunning Vera Wang gown and a bejeweled belt…so beautiful…

The afternoon was beautiful with just a few clouds in the sky…

In a matter of minutes, the weather turned, but it didn’t dampen the spirit of the day…JD captured this moment when Shala and Omar saw each other for the first time…

I love sisters. I know it’s a blanket statement, but it’s also true. The love and loyalty sisters have with each other is something I’m always impressed with at weddings…Shala, Sarah, and Shahira are three amazing girls, but even better siblings…

By mid-afternoon, the skies cleared and created a perfect backdrop for a wedding at Trump National Golf Course

The day became overcast after the ceremony, but I didn’t mind one bit because the light along the coast was just beautiful…and it didn’t hurt I had such lovely models for the day! 😉

Oh, Shala…GO ON!!!!!!!!!!! Rawr.

Shala and Omar opted for an intimate affair for their closest family and friends. But one of the things I adore about Shala is her inability to keep things simple…her attention to detail is something I love…

Trump National Golf Course served as a perfect location for their wedding and reception and the ballroom reflected Shala and Omar’s personal and refined style.

In addition to the adorable wishing tree, I should mention I photographed Shala’s sister’s wedding two years ago. Chris and Sarah are phenomenal people and working with their families again was a true honor…I love my clients!!!

They danced with soul (many thanks to Al Green) for their First Dance…love…

This couple–and their amazing guests–knew how to keep a party going…and going…rumors are they danced so much there’s holes in the carpet! 😉

A perfect night for a perfect couple….

To see more of Shala and Omar’s Trump National Golf Course wedding photos in Rancho Palos Verde, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with music provided by The Music Bed, or simply watch it here:

Wedding: Trump National Golf Course
Coordination: Cindy Pham of Mad Love
Floral and Decor: Jeff Hurst of Rolling Hills Flower Mart
Officiant: Jacob Jurado of Jacob Marries
Hair: Robin Dunn
Makeup: Lynn’s Makeup Art