Tuscany, Italy

Sometimes I'm afraid of forgetting. The details, the minutia. I'm sad to say most of things I remember in life are a few isolated events, and memories triggered by photographs…which is why I've carried around a camera for as long as I can remember. Polaroid, disposable, the photos I bought taken at the Japanese restaurant for my 19th birthday.

We checked into our Rome hotel this morning, checked our bags, then were told our room wouldn't be ready until after 2pm. This wouldn't have been a problem except I packed my camera in my suitcase. I pouted my way through Colosseum streets and pointed out all the things I would take pictures of if I had my camera. Trust me, I WAS SO MUCH FUN.

Because I don't have pictures, I wanted to make a list of things I would've taken pictures of so the memories can stay someplace hidden in the crevices of my mind…
*JD carrying my wallet in his back jean pocket so I wouldn't have to carry around my purse.
*The Italian bookseller with his ‘shop' set up in an alley, just outside a Chinese restaurant amongst crates of chop suey.
*The blue, blue sky…and the lonely white cloud making it ways across the expansive sky.
*Brick. Layers of brick older than I can truly understand.
*Three old sculptors working in their shop on gnomes and the Virgin Mary, taking a break for lunch.
*The mosquito bite on JD foot that's made it swell to ten times its normal size. It looks like a Popeye foot.
*Us. In some old mirror.

In light of not having pictures from today (so far…the day is still young), I'll post a sneak peek of yesterday's photo shoot in San Gimignano, Italy…