Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

I just got home from a long day away from home. I'm definitely under the weather, but I had the chance to meet with some amazing clients today (pictures coming soon) so that made me feel better. What made my night even better was seeing some pretty gnarly pictures from Victor Sizemore's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last night. With many thanks to Jessica Claire for these pictures, here are a few that made my stomach turn. And not in the good way…

JD and I were desperate to find an ugly Christmas sweater, so we made an emergency stop at Walmart and found two glorious sweaters…that illuminated every time we moved. Can you say AWESOME?!

Here's a snapshot of the boys…Doug Boutwell, Justin Lyon, Tony Bisson, Becker, Michael Norwood, Victor Sizemore, and JD

Me, Jessica Claire, Amelia Lyon and Cindy

We had a White Elephant gift exchange and it was pretty awful. JD is the proud owner of a year's membership to Cat Fancy Magazine, and I own a book about 400 Things I Didn't Know About Chuck Norris. Be warned…some Chuck Norris facts will be making their way to my blog. That's how I roll.

You can head over to Jessica's Blog to see the rest of the images…just look how happy she is to show off her sweater!