When You Feel Unlikeable

On a recent Facebook Live, I received a question that startled me:

>>“How do you sell a product when you feel unlikeable?”<<

That question caught me off guard, but I want to share with you the response I gave to Miranda and anyone else who is struggling with self-worth.

I want to first stop you in your tracks and tell you one thing… you. are. enough.


Please do not believe the toxic lies that you are anything less than worthy. Hear me clearly: You are worthy.

  • Worthy of love
  • Worthy of being seen
  • Worthy of serving others
  • Worthy of pursuing the thing that sets your soul on fire

>>You are already equipped with the intellectual ability and the mental capacity to do what you were placed on this earth to do.<<

But the only person who can bring that into reality is you.

When You Feel Unlikeable

Do you want to know the truth?

*I* am unlikeable.

You might like me. The fact that you are here shows me that you are my homie… but I am not everyone’s cup of tea.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who look at my content and instantaneously do not like me.

But I have to separate someone’s opinion of me, or their lack of liking, and realize that it isn't a direct reflection of me.

It’s a reflection of their personal preference.

I know there are people who do not like me. 

  • And to them I say, “Goodbye.”
  • To them I say, “Unfollow or unsubscribe.”
  • To them I say, “I will not give you the power to stop me from doing what I am here to do.” 

My goal is not to be liked by everybody. 

>>My goal is to be liked by a small group of people who empower me to stand in my purpose and serve them in return.<<

And you, sweet soul, should have the same ambition.

I may be unlikeable, yet I work hard to find MY people and bless and release anyone else.

The only person who can give away your power is you.

I’m going to invite you to think different thoughts.

When you make yourself feel a certain way, you bring that into reality.

>>So the question for you, Dreamer, is what will YOU bring into reality?<<

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