Upleveling Your Instagram Stories with Filters

One of my favorite ways to add a fun touch to my Instagram Stories is with filters.

*Whether it’s adding long eyelashes to your face, making you look like a puppy, or creating a cool disco background… Filters are so much fun!*

>>Filters keep Instagram Stories interesting to watch and more engaging for viewers.<<

Here are three tips on how you can uplevel your Instagram Stories with filters!

Tip 1: How to Search For and Find Filters

To get started with filters, open your Instagram Story camera and you will find a list of filters preselected for you.

Scroll all the way to the end of your filters and you will find a “Browse Effects” button. There, you will find different categories of filters to choose from (selfie, color and light, camera styles, events, causes, etc.).

Once you find an effect you like, click on the button “Try It” to test the filter. If you like it, you will have the option to save the filter for future use with the downward icon!

Tip 2: Share Filters with Followers

There are two ways to share a filter with your followers.

  • By selecting the 3 dots on the bottom right hand corner, it allows you to find more filters created by that user or share the filter to any of your followers!
  • Back on your Instagram Story camera, once you have selected a filter, use the tab at the bottom of the screen to save the effect, send it to a follower, or browse more effects. You can also remove it from your “collection” by clicking on the 3 dots icon again.

Tip 3: Using Filters for Photos & Videos

Fun fact: You can use filters for front facing and selfie filming, making it easy to uplevel all types of Story content.

Taking a photo is as simple as opening your camera, selecting a filter, and snapping away. To create a video using a filter, just hold down on the filter and it will begin recording!

If you’re more of a visual learner, I’ve got a video tutorial explaining these tips >>HERE!<<

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