Use This Proven Caption Formula To Drive Engagement On Instagram

You typed furiously for 25 minutes, crafting the perfectly worded caption.

  • Add a couple emojis…
  • Throw in a few hashtags…
  • Pair it with that picture you took in San Francisco…
  • Reread it one last time…

*Oh, THIS is going to be good.* POST.

Now we wait.

And wait…

…and wait.

Nothing. Just 1, 2, maybe 3 likes.

>>No one is commenting about your brilliant, poetic genius. You slaved over this caption, and now you hear *crickets*?!<<

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone my friend. There are so many people who feel this way!

It took me years to discover the psychology of how to create captions for people to show up that I teach in Social Curator.

Today, I’m going to teach you my proven caption formula to drive engagement on Instagram.

1. Hook

This is an enticing one-liner to draw someone in right from the beginning and make them click “read more.”

2. Body

Next, include 2-3 pieces of advice, inspiration, or education that would be valuable to your dream customer.

3. Call to Action:

Here is the most important part of the formula that *everyone* forgets. At the end, invite your audience to sign up for something, tag a friend, double tap, list their favorite donut, etc.

Friend, if you don’t invite people to engage, they won’t.

Think about how many people create captions that are simply statements:

  • Loving this summer weather!
  • At the coffee shop today, I can’t wait for you to see what I’m working on!
  • Hanging in Lake Tahoe this weekend, I love my family!

And then they wonder why people are not commenting.

>>Those captions are nice… but what would someone say to a statement like that?<<

You need to ask your followers to take action, and they will.

Now, you might be saying: “Jasmine, I ask my followers to leave a comment and they STILL don’t.”

Then I say to you, buttercup: SHOW them what you want.

If you want a comment, go leave 10 comments.

>>Demonstrate for your followers the quality and length of comments you want by leaving thoughtful ones on their profile first.<<

*Your tribe will reciprocate once they are shown what to do.*

That, my friend, is how to drive engagement on Instagram with a proven caption formula and a dedication to building relationships on the internet.

Catch you on the ‘gram, boo boo!