Using Direct Messages To Get Customers

>>Every day, social media becomes more important as more people join platforms, spending more and more of their time scrolling through their feed.<<

Which of the following options best describes your relationship with social media?

  • A. You are so overwhelmed with all of the different social media platforms that you said “forget it!”.
  • B. You post on social media here and there, but can’t seem to generate sales.
  • C. You post consistently on social media, and generate some sales, but nothing you can depend on.
  • D. Social media is your homie and you don’t need any help!

If you chose A, B, or C, let’s get schooled on how to use one of my favorite ways to connect with followers: direct messages.

*If you chose D, feel free to read on or scroll through social media and keep doin’ your thaaang!*

Trust me boo boo, I’ve spent a lot of time *and money* to master this method so you don’t have to. You can learn what I did in a fraction of the time…with zero financial investment!

Here are three types of direct messages (DMs) to send to followers to utilize social media to its full potential:

Introduction DM

Never underestimate the power of a personal message saying hello to a new follower. This can be a short and simple note OR you could choose to be *extra* and send a voice message or video!

This message is so much better when you take time to personalize it, so don’t just copy and paste a generic message.

Location/event-specific DM

Whenever I’m at an event or memorable location, I use hashtags and geotags to find people I want to connect with that are also there. Since we’re at the same place, I’ll send them a DM with a question about the location or event to hear their thoughts. 

These real-time connections with people that share similar interests are so powerful!

Response to a story DM

It’s no secret that there are a lot of bots and unengaging people out there watching Instagram Stories. Take the time to leave provoking, thoughtful responses to other people’s stories to make your account more memorable to them. 

So friend, whether you want to be paid as an influencer, sell your ecommerce products, or drive local traffic to your business, DMs are the way to go.

>>People in 2020 are consuming more content every day than ever before.<<

Keyword: more.

In order to stand out, you have to do more

If you take the time to connect one-on-one, form relationships, and build trust by sending DMs, those followers will become a steady flow of customers.

Bottom line: if you do the work, this method works. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re struggling with finding the right words to say, I’m here to help! Download my free DM guide with fill-in-the-blank templates that can be modified for your business!

*In other words, you’ve got no excuses to NOT be sending DMs, so go out there and connect, boo!*