Using Instagram Direct Message to Grow Your Business


You know I’m a huge fan of Instagram (it’s kind of like a summer best friend I want to go swimming with and braid wild daisies into her hair) because it’s revolutionized my business.

But what I underestimated was the sheer magnitude of one-on-one connections made with Direct Messages.

These connections are basically conversations with prospective customers (if you know what you’re doing).

Using Instagram Direct Messages are the easiest (and most effective way) to GROW your business.


  • Collaborations, shout-outs, sponsorships…all of this is just one DM away!
  • It can help get more followers…who turn into customers!


This video explains how and walks you through how I make initial contact with other Instagram accounts…


If you’d like download the Instagram DM templates I mentioned in the video, you can get them >>here for FREE<<!