Using Social Media to Grow a Profitable Business

Selfie.   Selfie.   Dog selfie.   Salad selfie.   Sunset selfie.  Salad-at-sunset selfie.

As you mindlessly scroll through Instagram while scribbling down a grocery list in your head, you see it…

Your online crush / competition / bestie / nemesis just posted a vacation pic taken on a cobblestone road in London.

(She’s clearly an undercover model with an infinite clothing budget, right?)

Her right hand holds a glass of red winehalf fullas she laughs so hard the bridge of her nose crinkles.

She’s composed, confident, and totally killin’ it in her business.

And there are 2,987 people who double-tapped her photo to show their support.

(For the record, that also means she’s connected with 2,987 potential customersthe type of customers you want, too.)

The thing about social media is that it’s a lot like dating someone new

When it’s going well, there’s a constant confetti cannon catapulting attention & affection your way ‘round the clock.

And you feel good about who you are, what you do, and how you’re living your life.

But when it’s not going so wellbecause you don’t have all the “likes” and lovin’ you deserve yetyou immediately claim the blame and say things like…

  • “Social media feels like a popularity contest… and it makes me feel like a LOSER at life.”
  • “I’ve got kidsI’ll never have enough hours in the day to compete in this online marketing game.”
  • “I’m just not working hard enough in my biz. That must be the only difference.”


Trust me, my friend.

I know ALL about the blame game.

I’ve muttered a few of those phrases (and worse) to myself at some point in my life…

And I’ve hunkered underneath a thick comforterwhile accidentally smearing mascara all over my white pillow case.

But I need you to lean in (and listen close), because this is important.


You’re not failing.

And you, my friend, are certainly not a failure.

So if you’re sinking a bunch of your time & energy into your masterful strategic plan for social mediaand still not scoring the results you actually wantlet’s rap about it.

There are three (yes, 3) BIG & brutal mistakes I’ve seen creative entrepreneurs struggle with over and over again (…and they’re not what you’d think!).

I’m punching each mistake in the face with The Accidental Entrepreneur Series, a free 4-part video series designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs, who want to make a profit on social media with purposestarting TODAY.

HECK YEAH! I want to avoid those exact mistakes >>>

I’ll cover all of your questions, like…

…I don’t have a steady flow of leads & clients just yet, but I’m definitely ready to do the work and make it happen. What’s the first step?

…I’m an introvert who’d rather be a wallflower than out on the dance floor cuttin’ a rug. Is there a way I can tackle social media in a way that doesn’t make me feel gross?

…My kids and husband and dog and daycare all need something from me, like, yesterday. If I only have a couple minutes a day to “get out there”, where should I invest my time so it makes a difference?

…I want my social media channels to feel like me. It’s all about coming across as real and myself without oversharing or accidentally hurting my business. Is it possible?

You’re finally (fiiiiiiinally) going to get the clear, step-by-step directions you need to build a brand, market it on social media, and grow a profitable creative business.

I’ll even walk you through my Profitability Road Map, which is a proven process that takes you from “What the hell am I doing?” to “Dang it feels good to be a gangsta” results in less than 60 days.

  • You’ll reach more people in less time.
  • You’ll create content that your people care about.
  • You’ll stop comparing yourself to others. Finally.

I’ll be dishing out my most invaluable advice, during this completely free video series. You won’t want to miss it.

Ready to stop wildly guessing about social media & start mapping out where, what, and when to post?

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I can’t wait to strip away some of your stress.